CNC machining is a widely used digital manufacturing process. This computer aided manufacturing process provides rapid prototyping, metal cutting production, and 3d printing options. While CNC technology is widely used by many industries, it is commonly used by those dealing with metal parts such as automotive, aerospace, firearm, and other manufacturing companies.
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What is CNC Machining?

The term computer numerical control (CNC) is a machining process that uses numerical controllers in which the computer is designed for the operation of the device. This programmable machine controls various behaviors within a machine-like speed, feed rate and coordination. CNC machine tooling mainly provides a way of pre-programming and running the speed and positions of the machine tools and running these in recurring, predictable cycles all with minimal human interaction. In a CNC machining process, a technical drawing is developed and translated to computer code via computer aided design. This process is executed by the CNC system, which produce parts and bulk material.

This CNC manufacturing process can be used in a wide variety of substances such as metal materials and stainless steel. The pre programmed software we use in our CNC machine shop operates with strict guidelines and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that our service maintains high-quality control while significantly reducing production time and machining costs.

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Types of CNC Machining Operations

Our machine shop operates with the following CNC machines:

milling machine, machining  cnc mills, drill, cutting

Benefits of Our CNC Systems

Highest quality CNC milling with quick project turnaround

CNC Turning

CNC Mill / Turn

Equipment and highly trained staff to manufacture the most complex production parts


Types of CNC Machining Operations

While CNC milling and turning are similar in that they are both a subtractive manufacturing process, their method is different.

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CNC Milling

CNC Milling is a machining process that uses cutting tools to remove multiple parts of the workpiece through the programmed cad file and technical drawings. Sophisticated CNC mills are comprised of complex machinery that allow its cutting tools to move in five different directions at once. Basic mills are slightly more limited, rotating their cutting tool along three different axes: left to right, front to back, and up to down.

milling machine, machining, wood material, cnc mills, drill, cutting

CNC Turning

Turning is another CNC machining process in which the workpiece is rotating while the cutting tool remains in place as it removes pieces of the material to give the workpiece its desired shape.

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Frequently asked questions

What CNC machining materials do you use?

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We use a variety of CNC machining materials, including aluminum, brass, and steel.

What is a CNC machine used for?

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CNC machines are the equipment for cutting or moving materials as specified by a controller. Cutting styles are varied between plasma cutting and laser cutters and milled routing and lathes.

There are many tools and designs that can be made through CNC machining. CNC machine services can be used to create fittings, suspension arms, medical devices, electrical parts, and more. Contact us to learn more about how your industry can benefit from our services.

What industries do we support?

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We offer a wide range of machining, fabrication, and assembly services for various industries, including: Aerospace, Automative, Firearm, Bicycle/Motorcycle, and Manufacturing processes. For organizations in any of these industries, CNC machining is essential for production of highly detailed projects.

Why should we choose Clark Industries for CNC machine services?

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We take pride in our facility, equipment, highly trained staff, and attention to quality control. We adhere to strict quality procedures and the very close tolerances required for modern manufacturing. Competitive pricing, quick turn around, a close eye to detail, strict quality controls, and integrity are at the core of our values.


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